I have been an author for American Express OPEN Forum® since 2010, and I have also been a guest blogger and author for other sites as well. Here is a list of some of this work published on other sites with a brief synopsis and link to the full post:

How to Build a 5-Year Financial Model, October 30, 2012
Learn about the important building blocks required to construct the model of your financial performance for five years into the future

Secure Your Financial Future with a 5-Year Plan, August 29, 2012
Some of the benefits of creating and updating a 5-year financial model for your next article will give some of the 'how-to' tips for doing it the right way

How Better Communication Can Improve Your Cash Flow, July 24, 2012
The top executive in every company can improve the performance of his/her company through improved communication with employees!

6 To-Dos to Prepare for Equity-Based Crowdfunding, June 25, 2012
What can you being doing now to raise money through equity-based crowdfunding when it becomes legal on Jan 1st, 2013?

Why Social Entrepreneurs Should Master Break-Even, April 25, 2012
Social entrepreneurs will limit their ability to have the impact they desire if they do not understand and apply regular finance principles, including break-even.

The Actual Cost of Your Employees, February 19, 2012
Understanding the total cost of having employees will help you in the four ways described in this article.

Prosper Despite the Coming Economic Challenge, December 16, 2011
Here are some tips to help your business succeed regardless of what the economy does.

Why You should Reconsider Your Forecasting Strategy, November 4, 2011
It's time to toss out the annual budgeting process on its ear. Business moves, shifts, and changes too quickly for that archaic practice. This article discusses the merits of a rolling forecast.

5 Things You Don't Want To Tell Investors, October 6, 2011
Some great advice about raising money and what NOT to tell investors while fundraising.

7 Ways to Get More from Your Values, September, 28, 2011
Does the way you spend your time and money support or contradict your company values?

Fear and Clarity: An Inverse Relationship, September 13, 2011
Blog post covering day 1 of CFO Magazine's Corporate Performance Management Conference.

5 Finance Secrets for Small Businesses, Sept 13, 2011
By understanding and taking care of these five financial aspects of running a small business, entrepreneurs will find they can be more successful.

5 Ways to Stop Stunting Your Growth, August 24, 2011
Are you and the business practices you had when you started your business hindering it from growing now.

The 1 Ratio No One Talks About...Except Your Banker, August 8, 2011
Learn about this critical ratio to a banker determining if he/she should lend you money.

5 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Business, August 3, 2011
If you are thinking about selling your business, the tips in this article could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.

3 Reasons You Shouldn't File That Lawsuit, July 28, 2011
Some lawsuits are filed more on emotion that to accomplish a rationale business purpose with a calculated outcome. This article will help you consider some of the most important points to consider before you engage in litigation.

10 Free Business Tools too Valuable to Ignore, July 18, 2011
The freemium version of these products is almost too good!

4 Ways Financial Statements Will Thwart Your Funding, July 12, 2011
If you're looking to raise debt or equity financing, chances are some clean-up on your financial statements will go a long way.

5 Cost Drivers to Make Accurate Expense Projections, June 23, 2011
Entrepreneurs need to understand what drives their cost, and this article highlights the five most common cost-drivers, or events that occur in a business that are directly correlated to a specific cost in the business.

How to Put and End to Cash Flow Surprises, June 6, 2011
Use forecasting to manage your cash flow before it manages you.

4 Methods to Determine Your Company's Worth, May 18, 2011
There are four basic ways and formulas used to derive the value of your business.

Is the Knowledge You Have Unsatisfactory, May 5, 2011
Learn how measurement systems can bring clarity and improve business performance. 

4 Indulgences Your Business Cannot Afford, April 11, 2011
Watch out for Product Infatuation, Marketing Worship, Overhead Abundance, and Competitor Obsession.

6 Steps to a Good Hire, March 11, 2011
Make sure you get the most value you can from your hiring process.

10 Business Model Pivots to Improve Cash Flow, February 24, 2011
Whenever a business changes its model, it should take the opportunity to improve, not hurt, cash flow.

The Silver Bullet of Cash Flow, January 28, 2011
If you want to solve your cash flow problems, chances are your customers are the best equipped to help you.

The Dilemma of Entrepreneurial Decision-Making, January 10, 2011
The daily challenge of preserving what you have or forfeiting it for the promise of something that looks better.

Did You Win or Lose Today, December 20, 2010
You should know the answer to this question every day!

5 Finance Trends for Every Entrepreneur, December 9, 2010
These trends will help you plan your business to maximize cash flow and performance.

10 Tips for Creating Your 2011 Budget, December 1, 2010
There are certain competitive advantages that can only be discovered and maintained through the budgeting process. This article will show you how.

Which is Better for Your Business: Debt or Equity, October 1, 2010
The answer to this depends on so many things, but this article attempts to demystify and simplify the best way to finance your business.

20 Ways Your Employees Make More, August 30, 2010
Consider how much it really costs you to have employees and how much more they are actually "making" than they think.

4 Reports that will Keep Your Business Thriving, August 18, 2010
How growing companies use reporting to manage and grow their businesses.

5 Secrets of Short-Term Cash Flow Forecasting, July 28, 2010
Cash inflows and outflows may seem hard to predict, but you'll likely be surprised how accurate you can be by following the suggestions in this article.

4 Tips to Get the Most from Your Tax Planning, July 16, 2012
Remove the surprise, last minute news that you owe taxes by following these four tips.

Staffing Your Accounting Department, May 24, 2010
An a start-up company grows, the skills of wearing many hats of responsibility become less valuable as specialization takes over, often leaving early hires without a way to add value to the company.

Inventory: The Crucible of Success, May 7, 2010
How is inventory like the Hoover Dam? If the waters (cash flow) are not managed properly, it will leave you with too little or too much, potentially forfeiting sought-after profitability.

20 Indicators Your Financials are Wrong, April 26, 2010
Having looked at the detailed financial statements of hundreds of businesses over the years, I almost always find one if not several glaring issues that compromise accuracy.

5 Things You Should Never Tell Investors, April 14, 2010
If you ever plan to make a pitch to a potential investor, here are five faux-pas you'll want to avoid.

4 Signs You Need a CFO, March 31, 2010
A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) becomes a requirement for any business that grows to a certain size. This article will help you know the right time to bring a finance executive on staff.

4 Secrets of Meaningful Projections, March 22, 2010
Most entrepreneurs struggle to project the future in terms of financial performance. When they try, they struggle to realistically depict the future based on current assumptions. These four tips will help any business forecast as accurately as possible.

40 Tips to Accelerate Cash Flow, March 16, 2010
Since cash is vital to the health of any company, these suggestions help entrepreneurs ensure the way they run the business is helping, not hurting, cash flow.

3 Components of Financial ClarityMarch 9, 2010
When a business lacks financial clarity, it will struggle to remain competitive. Using best practices to see the best past, present, and future business performance metrics, every business can gain the clarity it needs.