Monday, July 30, 2012

3 Must-Haves for NBA Coaches & Entrepreneurs

I listened to Jacque Vaughn, the new head coach of the Orlando Magic, talk about the three attitudes he needs each of his players to have. He's been handed an interesting group of players, and he made himself very clear about what it will take to succeed on his team. I think his list applies to entrepreneurs and CEOs of most companies I know.

1. Want to be there
This is more than showing up at work and putting in the bare minimum time and effort. Employees who want to be at work create a contagious positive inertia that rubs off on co-workers and customers.

2. Want to be coached
Sure, we all want to hire people who bring skills, education, and experience that make them effective. But learning the ropes of the new company, its' policies and culture, take time and regular feedback from leadership. 

3. Want to be great
This is my favorite of the three. Employees with personal motivation and drive to excel will always try to find ways to contribute and add value!