Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's Less About Software and More About Using it Correctly

About a month ago a business owner asked me this question: "Is QuickBooks the best for me?"

After asking a few questions, I realized he wanted some reassurance that he wasn't missing anything about his business and how he could improve it. His business is doing less than $500,000/year and QuickBooks is certainly an adequate accounting program for that size of business, but what stuck out to me is that he was asking the wrong question.

Rather than trying to determine if he had the right software, he should have been more concerned about if he was using it adequately. If you drive a manual transmission 5-speed car but you never shift higher than second gear, you're not getting the best performance and results from your vehicle. It's the same with accounting software, or any other software for that matter.

Software does not run itself. The people who interface with the software, who input information and export information and reports, they are the ones who run the software and determine how effective it is for the business. Having appropriate software is certainly required for success, but far more businesses fail to use the software they have correctly, maximizing its ability to help the business be successful!