Monday, April 16, 2012

Professional Brawn, and Why You Need Some

In a recent interview, I was struggling to find a term to describe someone who had worked their entire career on building up a strong foundation of knowledge, contacts, successes, and failures; someone who had learned a bunch about being successful in business the right way, who knew how to build and foster mutually beneficial relationships, and who was humble enough to still hunger to learn, change, adapt, and evolve. And, someone who was anxious to bring others with them on their journey, to teach them, train them, mentor them, and ultimately be replaced by them.

How do I sum all of that up into one term? And out of my mouth came brawn. But that sounded like only brute force, the roll-up-your-shirt-sleeves and get the work done element that would result in physical brawn, and neglected giving credit to all of the intellectual and emotional prowess required for everything mentioned above. So I put the word professional in front of brawn and thought I might be onto something.

Whatever you call it, we all need it, and we all hope everyone we hire has at least some of it.