Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nothing is Below You

I used to work for an organization with tens of thousands of employees, and one day per year the highest paid executives would work alongside the lowest paid employees. It was a way for the leaders to stay in touch with what happens every day.

Yet there was another tangible benefit that came from this exercise. It fostered respect in all of the 'rank-and-file' employees for the leaders of the company. These leaders were willing to sweep floors, pick up dirty laundry, and engage in meaningful conversations with even some of the company's smallest customers.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders need to steer clear of any attitude or ego that keeps them from performing any task in their business. When your company moves facilities, show up and help move some boxes. Every once in a while take a call from an angry customer. Leadership is not about being above certain tasks and duties, but earning the respect and trust of those you hire to perform them.