Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Giving Has a Tangible ROI

I just finished reading one of the best articles of the year.  Perhaps I enjoyed it so much because it validated at least some of my core beliefs and the way I try to operate.  The article was published in the BYU Magazine from a speech given by Arthur C. Brooks titled: "Why Giving Matters."

Focus on giving, and the getting will take care of itself.  I have always tried to live by this, and it was the theme for the speech I gave at my graduation from MBA school.  I especially appreciate Mr. Brooks' recognition of how his research has validated many of the principles taught within the Servant Leadership movement.

"The study concludes that when people see strangers giving charitably, they recognize a leadership quality in those strangers.  If people witness you as a giver, they will see a leader.  When people see you giving and cooperating and serving others, they will see in you a leader, or a future leader, and they cannot help but help you."

The most powerful part of the information Mr. Brooks presents is that he tried to dis-prove and invalidate all of his findings.  His data and research have passed much scrutiny and the facts just do not lie...those who give of their time and resources are better off, from both a financial and overall happiness perspective!