Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Change is Good, Even for Me

I have some news to share. To some it may be old news, while to others it will bring you up-to-speed with the last few months of my professional life. In September of 2011 I accepted a full-time position with an exciting, fast-growing, innovative company in the dental and medical device space. This changes a few things for me, and I'd like to take a minute and explain what it all means.

Why Aribex®?
In the beginning of 2009 I met Dr. Clark Turner, then the President and CEO of Aribex. The company was feeling some of the stress of the economy as well as the some cash flow constraints as it launched its second medical device into the market. We agreed for me to help the company as a part-time, or outsourced, CFO. For almost the past three years, my relationship with the entire team at Aribex as well as the board of directors fostered and grew into deep professional respect and trust. While I worked hard to establish similar relationships with the other companies I helped in my outsourced CFO role (about ten companies total), there are two things about Aribex that make it special.

First, the disruptively innovative nature of its technologies and products is a very compelling story. When a dentist of more than thirty years says the Aribex NOMAD is one of the five most influential products he's ever seen in the dental industry, it should catch anyone's attention. When another dentist claims the NOMAD is one of the five things he loves in his life, well, that may be a bit extreme. But I think you get the point.

Second, the company was founded from a desire to help dentists on humanitarian missions to better diagnose and treat patients in remote areas of the world who desperately need care. Those initial desires are woven into every element and business practice within the company. For example, no one would expect a company that had not yet reached profitability to allocate some of its resources to charitable and humanitarian causes. Yet Aribex has done so since the very beginning, in the best and worst of times.

I officially joined Aribex full-time in September 2011. Here's the press release about it: Aribex Announces Leadership Reorganization. I thoroughly enjoy being a full-time part of the team, and I'm optimistic about the future. Here is some information just released about how we're doing: Aribex Continues Double-Digit Growth, Becomes Debt-Free in 2011.

What about CFOwise®?
So, what does this mean to the more than five years I've poured into starting, growing, and building a CFO Services firm? Well, all of that work was hopefully to build it into something that would last. Last summer we created several executive positions that were filled by existing partners. They have stepped into their roles very well and are hopeful to take CFOwise to even greater heights. I still have an equity stake in the business and participate in executive committee and board-level activities.

What about my book and regular blogs and articles?
My book, Impact Your Business, is and will still be available for sale on Amazon and other places. In fact, it was nominated for the 2012 Small Business Book Awards. I plan to continue blogging regularly and writing for American Express OPEN Forum and other online and print publications as time permits.

Any other changes?
I have created this new blog, KenKaufman.net, where I will publish all of my blog posts and keep the rest of my information and content current. Feel free to visit and subscribe if you are interested to stay in touch that way. In addition, I switched my Twitter account from the CFOwise handle to @_KenKaufman. I can be reached via email at ken.angela625 at gmail dot com or at Aribex, kkaufman at aribex dot com. Toward the top left-hand corner of this page you will find buttons to connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and more. I will also be sending out a simple email newsletter once every two months with a fresh look at the recent content I've authored. Feel free to sign up for it in the Bi-Monthly Newsletter Sign-Up box on the left.

Change is Good
While change can be uncomfortable and even at times painful, it is often for our good. I continue to move forward with the same energy and passion for which you all know me, and I'm looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead. I hope this brief explanation has been helpful, and I look forward to staying in touch. If I can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to let me know.