Friday, February 4, 2011

Business Scoreboards

Running a business without understanding performance is a lot like watching a sporting event with no scoreboard--you find yourself wondering what the point is. Every performance measurement and statistic imaginable is employed in the world of sports, but too many business owners and entrepreneurs just don’t know how they are really doing. I find this particularly true in businesses that have grown beyond the capacity of one founder/entrepreneur to be involved I every detail of the business every day, which is usually once the company has a at least a few employees.

I spoke at an event in 2010 wherein I was given 5 minutes to cover 20 presentation slides--the event is called a Crunch Lunch wherein experts and specialists in different areas provide back-to-back information-packed training to those in attendance. Here is the video of my presentation, which discusses the Six Scoreboards Every Business Needs™ and the IMPACT they can have on a business.