Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Top Blog Posts

Based on total number of unique visitors to each of my blog posts through the year, here are the most popular posts of 2009.  Enjoy!

1.   TOP TEN 2010 TRENDS FOR ENTREPRENEURS - We received a lot of very positive feedback on this blog post as well as a radio interview request.

2.   LESSONS LEARNED AFTER 1 YEAR ON TWITTER - This blog post was updated throughout the year as we met more CFOs on Twitter.  Yes, there are some CFOs that have not only engaged in social media, but who are also pretty good at it.

3.   STAFFING THE ACCOUNTING/FINANCE DEPARTMENT IN START-UPS - This post offers insight into how a start-up should scale into its accounting/finance department.

4.   I CANNOT PREDICT THE FUTURE - BUDGETING IS WORTHLESS! - Predicting the future is actually easier than most think, and what you learn in the process makes the whole experience invaluable.

5.   WORKING CAPITAL - LESS IS OFTEN MORE - A different twist on cash flow management and liquidity improvement techniques.

6.   KEY BUSINESS METRICS EVERY ENTREPRENEUR MUST KNOW - Dashboards and business intelligence are becoming more critical for entrepreneurs.  Here is a roadmap for how to get started.

7.   HOW TO SPEND $195 INSTEAD OF $30,000 TO FILL A NEED - We received a lot of personal attention to this blog post - This gives us some insight into one business lesson learned from a family vacation.

8.   THE PROBLEM IS... - Be a problem solver, not just a problem finder.

9.   3 REASONS YOUR QUICKBOOKS STATEMENT OF CASH FLOW IS WRONG - Some technical information, but very necessary to understand if you are using QuickBooks.

10.  DOES TOO MUCH CAPITAL & SUCCESS TOO EARLY HURT START-UPS? - Interesting thoughts on what each business learns in its early bootstrapping days!

All the best for a prosperous 2010!